The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Registration Marks

  • RED 458S

    Not much can be said. Very obvious private plate. Spider or Speciale. Licence plate looking for the perfect car… RED 458S. £40,000. Contact Bob 07564 211 911 or (non-member) (7/18)

  • F12 LTA

    If you are one of the lucky few to own an F12 BERLINETTA, this must be the perfect plate for the car.
    Just taken it off my F12 BERLINETTA,now on retention. Serious offers to (non-member) (7/18)

  • 888 FF

    888 FF is the perfect number plate for your FF. You not only have “FF” on your Ferrari FF number plate, but also have “888”, which is a particularly lucky Chinese number (triple fortune) and also represents Jesus in Christian numerology. I’m a reluctant seller, having owned & now sold my Ferrari FF. Offers over £10,500. (non-member) (7/18)

  • 355 YEL

    The best Reg available if you own a yellow F355. On a retention certificate with fee paid. Offers around £4000. Contact Neil 07957420069.  (6/18)

  • F40 FER

    The Ultimate Ferrari F40 Cherished Registration, first time offered for sale – Price On Application –  (non-member) (6/18)

  • FEZ 488

    The perfect plate for your GTB/Spider/Pista! GBP 18,500.  (5/18)

  • RJI 275. F360 DMP

    On retention so available for immediate transfer. RLZ 250, WJI 550 also available. Offers to (5/18)

  • 550 B

    £16,50,0 member, (4/18)

  • F550 FER

    £7500, member,  (4/18)

  • 488 RYU

    488 RYU. Your initials or Rugby Union 488 owner. Dateless 488 plate for sale. £3750 ono  (non-member) (4/18)

  • 512 FLY

    512 FLY. On retention. £10,000. Club Member. Mark Shannon. 07785 937756, (4/18)

  • 360 WXY

    Great number plate for any Ferrari 360. Offers around £2000. Please call Giles on 07881 260192 (4/18)

  • FF 130

    This is perfect for anyone fortunate enough to own a Ferrari FF. It’s been wasted on my aunt’s Vauxhall Cavalier for too long. She’s been transferring the plate across since the 80s after a chance car purchase. I’ve already had a good offer from the first registration dealer I tried. I think only 2K FF’s were produced but thought I’d post here in case. Please email (non-member) (4/18)

  • PRU 550M

    550 Maranello plate. Make me an offer! Tel: 07547 480189. (3/18)

  • 550 OK

    550 OK , perfect plate for Maranello or Barchetta. £12000. Please contact Stuart 07500042516 (non-member) (3/18)

  • 288 J

    Cherished registration number 288J for sale I welcome offers by email to (non-member) (3/18)

  • 512 FRE

    THE number plate for a Ferrari 512. Serious offers (non-member) (3/18)

  • 612 RED

    612 RED on retention, club member, email offers to (3/18)

  • H15 FTR

    His Ferrari Testarossa.  Registration plate ‘H15 FTR’ currently on retention. Cost £3900 will take £1600. Email (3/18)

  • F430 BLK

    On retention from my own car, ready to go. £2500 open on to sensible offers.  (non-member) (3/18)

  • WOW 575

    Perfect number plate for your cherished Ferrari 575M Maranello. £6000 (member). Contact me at or on Tel: 0781 809 3335  (3/18)

  • 360 PH

    Ideal number for your 360 !! Offers invited over £10,000 on retention. E-mail. (non-member) (2/18)

  • M55 OMD

    Do you have a Ferrari Marenello 550 – Are your initials MD, or are you a Doctor – or Managing Director???
    The perfect registration is for sale on retention M550 MD £3000ono. Contact on 07798-848018 or  (non-member) (2/18)

  • FV12 GTO

    F V12 GTO number plate for sale. Serious enquiries to 07432 680208 (non-member) (2/18)

  • F1 LFR

    Perfect for any Ferrari on a 10 year retention cert, F1 LAF sold last year for £26k, I will accept offers in region £3,250 but open to all offers.  (non-member) (2/18)

  • 575 GVO

    575 GVO Cherished Registration Plate On retention certificate. Great Investment. Would look amazing on a 575 M Maranello. £5000.  (non-member) (1/18)

  • 365 GTS

    This Registration No belongs on a Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder. This marriage can happen as I have this on retention. Please email if seriously interested in buying. (non-member) (1/18)

  • F8 GTC

    Perfect registration mark for your GTC Lusso. On retention and ready to assign. £2000 ONO.  (1/18)

  • F12 XRP

    Ultimate licence plate for any Cryptocurrency enthusiast. BITCOIN/ETHERIUM/RIPPLE.  Call Craig 07557357375 /  (non-member) (1/18)

  • FER 458X

    Plate on retention following the sale of my 458. Offers over £8,000. Contact me at (1/18)

  • 355 SFK

    Available immediately 355 SFK is on retention. £1000 ONO. Please call Sam on 0779501543. (non-member)  (1/18)

  • F458 FER

    The ultimate number plate for your Ferrari 458. Call 0771 815 3801  (1/18)

  • F12 GTM

    On retention. Open to any reasonable offer circa GBP 1,850.  (non-member) (1/18)

  • 599 KPD

    599 KPD will remove from vehicle and supply on a retention certificate upon reciept of a small deposit. tel. 07976 395271  (1/18)

  • FF18 FFF

    New Ferrari on order? On retention for march 2018 registration. Can be registered with new car as original number plate. Offers please to or 07803 602587.  (12/17)

  • F488GTB

    Perfect for your beautiful new 488GTB. Sensible offers will be considered. Email me on  (11/17)

  • AJC 355

    Asking price is £5355.   (non-member) (11/17)

  • F12 NUT

    Registration No. F12 NUT – £11,500 07979 966509  (non-member) (11/17)
  • E12 TDF

    If you’re lucky enough to have an F12 TDF this may interest you as it’s almost the perfect number!  £10,000 ono Contact Brian Thorley 079 666 93 007 or email (non-member) (11/17)

  • V12 FAB

    Serious offers invited for this important plate ideal for any post-1999 V12 engined car.  (non-member) (11/17)

  • ENZ 505

    Here is a vehicle registration that will suit a discerning Ferrari owner or indeed an investor. It is a tailor made plate that obviously spells out the man himself. Will suit any Ferrari or indeed can be put on a retention certificate for 10 years and doesn’t have to be assigned to a vehicle just yet. Buy this for guaranteed kudos and investment. I am open to sensible offers. Phone 07817241742 or email (11/17)

  • HIL 458

    On retention and ideal for any Hill family member who has or wants a 458. Offers around £2800.  (11/17)

  • FRZ 458

    Dateless plate which can go on any car regardless of age. On retention £2450 for quick private sale.
    Contact Paul 07811109826 or (non-member) (11/17)

  • F 7 GTB

    Looked great on my 599 GTB and would look even better on a 488. £2000 o.v.n.o. would secure. Held on retention certificate. Contact  (10/17)

  • A488 GTS

    A488 GTS (Spider) on retention £7,850 member (10/17)

  • GTB 4M

    Registration currently on retention and ready for transfer. Perfect for your Ferrari GTB. Please contact £7,990 for quick sale.    (non-member) (10/17)

  • RED 458S

    RED 458S. Not much can be said. Very obvious private plate. Spider or Speciale. Licence plate looking for the perfect car… RED 458S. £36,000. Contact Bob 07564 211 911 or    (non-member) (10/17)

  • OF12 TDF

    Registration OF12 TDF for sale. Held on certificate of entitlement. Safe and secure purchase. £500 contact Chris on 07977516788   (non-member) (10/17)

  • 246 D

    246D. £22,500 ono. On retention & ready to go. 07831 586370 or  (non-member) (10/17)

  • ENZ 93

    ENZ 93 currently on retention £3,950 Ono (non-member) (1017)

  • ENZ 33

    Ready for immediate transfer. Suit Ferrari Enzo. ENZ33. £10,000 no vat. Bank transfer or Cash.  (non-member) (9/17)

  • F12 SOL

    On retention; great plate for a magnificent Ferrari. £9,950 or closest offer. Please contact Julian (non-member) (9/17)

  • ENZ 838

    £6000. A coloured coded screw cap to spell ENZ0 front and back has never given me any issues with number plate recognition or the police.  (9/17)

  • F430 BOY

    Perfect plate for your F430. Sensible offers over £5000. Ring Paul 07974-595056  (9/17)