The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Registration Marks

  • 512 FLY

    512 FLY. On retention. £10,000. Club Member. Mark Shannon. 07785 937756, (4/18)

  • 360 WXY

    Great number plate for any Ferrari 360. Offers around £2000. Please call Giles on 07881 260192 (4/18)

  • FF 130

    This is perfect for anyone fortunate enough to own a Ferrari FF. It’s been wasted on my aunt’s Vauxhall Cavalier for too long. She’s been transferring the plate across since the 80s after a chance car purchase. I’ve already had a good offer from the first registration dealer I tried. I think only 2K FF’s were produced but thought I’d post here in case. Please email (non-member) (4/18)

  • PRU 550M

    550 Maranello plate. Make me an offer! Tel: 07547 480189. (3/18)

  • 550 OK

    550 OK , perfect plate for Maranello or Barchetta. £12000. Please contact Stuart 07500042516 (non-member) (3/18)

  • 288 J

    Cherished registration number 288J for sale I welcome offers by email to (non-member) (3/18)

  • 512 FRE

    THE number plate for a Ferrari 512. Serious offers (non-member) (3/18)

  • 612 RED

    612 RED on retention, club member, email offers to (3/18)

  • H15 FTR

    His Ferrari Testarossa.  Registration plate ‘H15 FTR’ currently on retention. Cost £3900 will take £1600. Email (3/18)

  • F430 BLK

    On retention from my own car, ready to go. £2500 open on to sensible offers.  (non-member) (3/18)

  • WOW 575

    Perfect number plate for your cherished Ferrari 575M Maranello. £6000 (member). Contact me at or on Tel: 0781 809 3335  (3/18)

  • 360 PH

    Ideal number for your 360 !! Offers invited over £10,000 on retention. E-mail. (non-member) (2/18)

  • M55 OMD

    Do you have a Ferrari Marenello 550 – Are your initials MD, or are you a Doctor – or Managing Director???
    The perfect registration is for sale on retention M550 MD £3000ono. Contact on 07798-848018 or  (non-member) (2/18)

  • FV12 GTO

    F V12 GTO number plate for sale. Serious enquiries to 07432 680208 (non-member) (2/18)

  • F1 LFR

    Perfect for any Ferrari on a 10 year retention cert, F1 LAF sold last year for £26k, I will accept offers in region £3,250 but open to all offers.  (non-member) (2/18)

  • 575 GVO

    575 GVO Cherished Registration Plate On retention certificate. Great Investment. Would look amazing on a 575 M Maranello. £5000.  (non-member) (1/18)

  • 365 GTS

    This Registration No belongs on a Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder. This marriage can happen as I have this on retention. Please email if seriously interested in buying. (non-member) (1/18)

  • F8 GTC

    Perfect registration mark for your GTC Lusso. On retention and ready to assign. £2000 ONO.  (1/18)

  • F12 XRP

    Ultimate licence plate for any Cryptocurrency enthusiast. BITCOIN/ETHERIUM/RIPPLE.  Call Craig 07557357375 /  (non-member) (1/18)

  • FER 458X

    Plate on retention following the sale of my 458. Offers over £8,000. Contact me at (1/18)

  • 355 SFK

    Available immediately 355 SFK is on retention. £1000 ONO. Please call Sam on 0779501543. (non-member)  (1/18)

  • F458 FER

    The ultimate number plate for your Ferrari 458. Call 0771 815 3801  (1/18)

  • F12 GTM

    On retention. Open to any reasonable offer circa GBP 1,850.  (non-member) (1/18)

  • 599 KPD

    599 KPD will remove from vehicle and supply on a retention certificate upon reciept of a small deposit. tel. 07976 395271  (1/18)

  • FF18 FFF

    New Ferrari on order? On retention for march 2018 registration. Can be registered with new car as original number plate. Offers please to or 07803 602587.  (12/17)

  • F488GTB

    Perfect for your beautiful new 488GTB. Sensible offers will be considered. Email me on  (11/17)

  • AJC 355

    Asking price is £5355.   (non-member) (11/17)

  • F12 NUT

    Registration No. F12 NUT – £11,500 07979 966509  (non-member) (11/17)
  • E12 TDF

    If you’re lucky enough to have an F12 TDF this may interest you as it’s almost the perfect number!  £10,000 ono Contact Brian Thorley 079 666 93 007 or email (non-member) (11/17)

  • V12 FAB

    Serious offers invited for this important plate ideal for any post-1999 V12 engined car.  (non-member) (11/17)

  • ENZ 505

    Here is a vehicle registration that will suit a discerning Ferrari owner or indeed an investor. It is a tailor made plate that obviously spells out the man himself. Will suit any Ferrari or indeed can be put on a retention certificate for 10 years and doesn’t have to be assigned to a vehicle just yet. Buy this for guaranteed kudos and investment. I am open to sensible offers. Phone 07817241742 or email (11/17)

  • HIL 458

    On retention and ideal for any Hill family member who has or wants a 458. Offers around £2800.  (11/17)

  • FRZ 458

    Dateless plate which can go on any car regardless of age. On retention £2450 for quick private sale.
    Contact Paul 07811109826 or (non-member) (11/17)

  • F 7 GTB

    Looked great on my 599 GTB and would look even better on a 488. £2000 o.v.n.o. would secure. Held on retention certificate. Contact  (10/17)

  • A488 GTS

    A488 GTS (Spider) on retention £7,850 member (10/17)

  • GTB 4M

    Registration currently on retention and ready for transfer. Perfect for your Ferrari GTB. Please contact £7,990 for quick sale.    (non-member) (10/17)

  • RED 458S

    RED 458S. Not much can be said. Very obvious private plate. Spider or Speciale. Licence plate looking for the perfect car… RED 458S. £36,000. Contact Bob 07564 211 911 or    (non-member) (10/17)

  • OF12 TDF

    Registration OF12 TDF for sale. Held on certificate of entitlement. Safe and secure purchase. £500 contact Chris on 07977516788   (non-member) (10/17)

  • 246 D

    246D. £22,500 ono. On retention & ready to go. 07831 586370 or  (non-member) (10/17)

  • ENZ 93

    ENZ 93 currently on retention £3,950 Ono (non-member) (1017)

  • ENZ 33

    Ready for immediate transfer. Suit Ferrari Enzo. ENZ33. £10,000 no vat. Bank transfer or Cash.  (non-member) (9/17)

  • F12 SOL

    On retention; great plate for a magnificent Ferrari. £9,950 or closest offer. Please contact Julian (non-member) (9/17)

  • ENZ 838

    £6000. A coloured coded screw cap to spell ENZ0 front and back has never given me any issues with number plate recognition or the police.  (9/17)

  • F430 BOY

    Perfect plate for your F430. Sensible offers over £5000. Ring Paul 07974-595056  (9/17)