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When in Tokyo...........
story & pics by Michitake Isobe

When in Tokyo, do as any Ferrari enthusiast might do and visit the Azabu Minicar and Watch Museum. Having just opened this Spring, it's an Aladdin's Cave for Ferrari enthusiasts as well as automobilia fans.

Strolling along Azabu Juban area, one of the upper class residential areas of Tokyo, one passes the Peacock Supermarket where many Westerners are seen purchasing commodities familiar to them from their homeland. Further up the hill and into a side street, the museum's sign board appears.

Once inside, one is welcomed by not one but two 250GTOs. The world famous Ferrari collector Mr Yoshiho Matsuda had opened a small museum in central Tokyo for his collection of cars, watches and model cars. Beside the GTOs were the 1958 250TR Scaglietti spyder (s/n 0714) as well as a 550 barchetta and F50.

The complex has three floors and the upper two floors features displays of watches all related to the automobile. Alfa Romeo watches with the four leaf clover, Bugatti watches and numerous Nuvolari items are displayed alongside scale models. On one floor is a huge Dexter Brown painting of that classic Ferrari, the 330P/4.

The interior is done so that visitors can take their time and in a relax way and enjoy the various displays. There are comfortable sofas should one want to take it all in.

So if you plan a business trip to Tokyo, or sightseeing in Japan you would surely want to visit this museum in the center of Tokyo not far from all the well known hotels in the downtown area. Contact them by fax at (81) 3-3453-1700 for reservation. It is one of the newest spots to see in Tokyo but retreated and cosy enough to get away from the busy metropolis.


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