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2003 Formula Classic Announced

2003 formula classic

In response to requests from Club members for an opportunity to race their older production Ferraris, the Ferrari Owners' Club has arranged for an experimental mini series of two events in 2003 specifically for pre-1990 cars. It is hoped that this initiative will be a forerunner for a more active programme in the future.

The two events that have been chosen are:

May 24/25: Donington Park (the 2003 Ferrari/Maserati Festival)
September 13/14: Castle Combe

Which Ferraris are eligible for the formula classic races?

Any production Ferrari built prior to 1990 i.e. up to and including the tipo 328, but excluding turbo charged cars like the 288GTO and F40. The rules that apply have been purposely made simple because the objective is to allow owners to race their Ferraris unfettered by innumerable regulations and restrictions. The following list gives a guide to the format of the formula classic:

  • Vehicles must be road-legal and be able to pass an MOT test, although the cars do not need to be road-registered nor have a current MOT certificate.
  • Only treaded tyres (minimum 1.6mm of tread depth) are permitted.
  • All cars must comply with RAC MSA safety regulations for racing. These include the fitting of towing eyes front and rear, an external ignition cut-off switch, 4-or 6-point safety harness, rearward facing warning light, and approved fire extinguisher. Roll cages, although recommended, are not obligatory.
  • Appearance is an important aspect and cars must be turned out to a high standard which does credit both to the marque Ferrari and the Club. All Ferraris must conform in general terms to the original external and internal appearance as delivered by the Factory, although seats may be replaced by suitable racing seats.
  • Wheels need not be of Ferrari origin and/or dimensions.
  • The Eligibility Scrutineer's decision on acceptability will be final.
Who can take part in the formula classic events?
Drivers must be fully paid-up members of the Ferrari Owners' Club of GB, be invited and registered for the events, and be in possession of a valid MSA Competition (Racing) Licence of minimum National B status. There is a small registration fee of 25.00 to cover administrative expenses.

Registrations will be accepted immediately until the closing date for entries for each of the races. Race entry forms will be sent out by the Race Co-ordinator to all registered competitors. Detailed final instructions will be sent out by the individual race organisers.

The races are intended not only for drivers with previous race experience but also for those who have taken part in the Club's hillclimb Championship or perhaps have attended some of the many track days which the Club organises throughout the season.

Each driver will be allocated a permanent race number at the time of registration.

There will be a number of awards for which competitors will be eligible. Dependant on the mix of entries that are received it may be possible to arrange for a class structure within the general race entry, and therefore positions within the class will be rewarded.

What do you need to do now?
You should contact the FOC, giving your name and address, and apply for a Formula Classic Registration form and return this, together with the Registration fee, to the Club's Race Co-ordinator. The Club will consider invitations based on the information provided on this form.

And finally
Above all, this mini series is all about having fun with your Ferrari on the race circuit. Each year there are fewer opportunities to drive your car in the way that Ferrari intended and the Club therefore hopes that members will take advantage of these races to develop their driving skills without the necessity to expend large amounts of time or money. Good luck!

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