Registration marks

You are invited to submit your Ferrari-only adverts by clicking here. These should be no more than 60 words. No images for registration plates please.

If you are trade each advert will cost £50 (+ VAT) for 3 months and you should let us know how you intend to pay.

Please be aware that any contact information you give in your advertisement will be seen by a large number of people, and beware of scams!

F40 plate for sale best sensible offer as plates like this don't come along very ofter and the nearist plates are around £10k club member mobil 07850369125 (4/2014)

WWW 550
registration for sale, currently on retention. £1,750 (non-member) (4/2014)

P 250 GTO
On car ready for transfer. Email: (non-member) (4/2014)

SFE 275
Offers invited. (non-member) (4/2014)

FAB 599X
Perfect plate for a 599. Held on retention. £2,995 contact Keith (3/2014)

FER 430X
I have a Reg no. FER 430 x. £2500. Please contact Ray on 07827 920555 (non-member) (3/2014)

GTS 355 S
A superb registration number for any Ferrari 355 GTS. GTS 355 S is currently held on retention and available for sale, there cannot be a more suitable registration number on the market today, a number that would make your 355 GTS totally unique, especially if you have a show car, sure to attract a great deal of attention. Ferrari Owners Club price £4795. (non-member) (3/2014)

A 348 FER
The perfect registration number for any Ferrari 348, A 348 FER is currently held on retention and available for sale, there cannot be a more suitable registration number on the market today, a number that would make your 348 totally unique, especially if you have a show car, sure to attract a great deal of attention. Ferrari Owners Club price £5195. (non-member) (3/2014)

FOC 599
Will be put on a retention certificate, as soon as interest is shown. £2,999 ovno. tel. Grant 0794 1114 919 (3/2014)

For sale on retention, offers (non-member) (3/2014)

355 YEL
The ultimate registration for your yellow 355.This looked fantastic on my club car for many years.On a retention certificate as I have now sold the car. £4000. Contact Neil 07957420069 or email (3/2014)

F360 XXX
Great Ferrari 360 Modena plate. On retention certificate, sensible offers considered. Private Sale. Phone James 07968163454 or Email (non-member) (3/2014)

YAF 40
YA F40 Ė the ultimate F40 plate. On car ready for transfer, £10,500. Please contact Steve on 07590-382508 or (non-member) (2/2014)

Ferrari number plate for sale, ideal for Ferrari F12 owner with PER initials or could read F12 FER. Available immediately, all serious offers considered. Private seller, call Jane on 07719 379711. (non-member) (2/2014)

F450 FER
Looks like F458 FER or F430 FER when fitted to your car. On retention certificate, and available immediately. Private sale. £6,995. Please contact: Charlie on 07796 996 723 or (non-member) (2/2014)

(Pole Position Ferrari) on retention certificate. £9500 ONO. Please contact seller on 07831 878657 (non-member) (2/2014)

246 D
Serious offers over £25,000 only please. On retention Ė ready to go. Contact Jon 07810 051614 or David 07831 586370 (non-member) (2/2014)

A 14 GTO
The perfect finishing touch for a GTO purchase either April or August 2014. The number is on retention and so available immediately. Genuine offers will be considered. Mobile: 07952452469 - Email: (non-member) (2/2014)

Great plate that reads fast fer. £10,000 or nearest sensible offer. Kane 07968570001 (non-member) (2/2014)

412 F
Offers over £25,000 offers under need not apply call Dave on 07969454375 (non-member) (1/2014)

If you are lucky enough to have a GTO, then this could be the plate for you as a tribute to the Father of Ferrari and the Enzo (N50) GTO. Make me an offer I can't refuse. John 07853151871 (non-member) (1/2014)

V 12 Plates
V12 TLC £1595 Ono. V12 SEE £7500. V12 XEC £1095. Steve. Tel: 07766570973 (non-members) (1/2014)

If you have a red 360 this is the perfect reg. I had it on a 360 and it matched the car perfectly. £1750 ONO. Please contact seller on 07966019160 (non-member) (1/2014)

If you have an Enzo this must be the ultimate. EN2O OO Offers £10,000 contact Enzo 00447772000811 (non-member) (12/2013)

Call Tony on 07895508955. Currently advertised for over £10000 quick sale required all sensible offers considers. Plate on retention ready for immediate transfer. (non-member) (12/2013)

Cherished number plate for sale.Perfect for the new car due any day! The plate cant be used until march 2014 but is currently on a v705 certificate of entitlement until February 2015. If you are interested in this regestration but don't know when you need it for you just have to change the nominee on the form. £20,000 ono. For more information contact chris on 07977516788 . (non-member) (12/2013)

Ferrari number plate for sale - Sensible offers considered. Chet - 07903 942 102 (non-member) (12/2013)

Great registration number for your F12. A V12 FER on retention certificate....£5,000. Phone 07877 426 535 (11/2013)

Perfect registration for your Ferrari California. Currently held on a retention certificate. Offers invited. Contact Graham on 07740 176186 or by email at (non-member) (11/2013)

F V12 GTB and F V12 GTO significant, quietly cool plates for sale as well as an interesting investment. Serious enquiries to 07876 195578 (non-member) (11/2013)

The ultimate registration for your Ferrari 575 or SuperAmerica, S75 FER. This looked amazing on my 575 but is now held on retention due to the sale of my car, £8,000. Contact: Andrew on 07932 629046 (non-member) (11/2013)

On retention, £2000 ONO, Tel Keith 07862 226 240 (10/2013)

FER 430X
Offers around the £2500 contact Ray 07827 920555 (10/2013)

F50 PR
Perfect plate for F50, sensible offers Ė (non-member) (10/2013)

JFX 328
A nice dateless registration number £625 No offers! Price includes transfer fees. On Retention, Call Steve on 07981 552 666 or 024 76 725076. Warwickshire. (non-member) (10/2013)

430 WOW
£10,000. Contact Michael 07770 880958 (10/2013)

Held on retention £27,500. You have the car, now get the registration! Contact Michael 07770 880958 (10/2013)

6212 SF
A proper dateless registration for any age or tipo of 'Scuderia Ferrari'. £1650. Please contact Steven Ferguson on 07956 650901 or (10/2013)

Great number plate for many GTB Model Ferrariís from 1990 ONWARDS. Currently on a retention certificate. Best offers please - (non-member) (10/2013)

POW! - the mark of deadly impact. With this your F12 will deliver a knockout blow. Iím open to sensible offers based on £3,495 (unless youíre the Prince Of Wales in which case Iím not open to offers!) Contact Martin on for a friendly response. (10/2013)

Itís all about the power and with this ultimate statement of power your F12 will be complete. Iím open to sensible offers based on £3,495. Contact Martin on for a friendly response. (10/2013)

Exceptional Ferrari registration, on retention and available immediately. Sensible offers please email or 07542 011202 evenings (genuine enquiries only please) (non-member) (10/2013)

Perfect for your new La Ferrari F70. Offers invited please call Carla 07773104814 (non-member) (10/2013)

50 FTR
I have this plate on retention . I'm looking for around £7k for it My number is 07836573204. (non-member) (10/2013)

Plate for sale FER138F, Formula One car called F138 for 2013. Would suit any Ferrari. OVERS INVITED at- (non-member) (10/2013)

F12 Berlinetta Registrations
A F12 BER. (AF12 BER) and A F12 CAR (AF12 CAR). Add that touch of individuality with one of these very appropriate plates for this special model. Currently held on certificates that includes the transfer fee. £4,950 Please email PHR member (10/2013)

I have number plate F 40 TPV for sale. Currently on a vehicle. Open to sensible offers. Phone 01473 788909, or (non-member) (9/2013)

EJD 458
Cherished number to suit a Ferrari 458. On GB Retention Certificate. Offers over £5,000. If interested Please E-mail Philip at (non-member) (9/2013)

For those select few who own a F50. Would be a great gift for your me for offers. (non-member) (9/2013)

I am selling a number plate (D8ENO) perhaps this could be of some interest for the DINO fans? (non-member) (9/2013)

599 KPD
On retention certificate, assignment fee already paid. £975. Gary 07976 395271 (8/2013)

400 GT
For sale on retention. £9995 ono. Contact 07985 194581 (non member) (8/2013)

ROS 50
One of the most famous Ferrari plates in the UK. Serious offers invited. No canvassers. 07817706938 (8/2013)

Suit any 8 cylinder Ferrari Spider model, looking for offers around £4,500 Contact (non-member) (8/2013)

M1 6TS F
£3995, please contact Zara Redhead on 07778018637 (8/2013)

430 ANT
Offers over £10k, please call Anthony 07854 111 111 (8/2013)

430 PDV
Number plate for sale 430 PDV sensible offers please, enquiries to: (non-member) (8/2013)

On certificate available immediatly, asking for sensible offers. Tel: 07455153098 or e-mail, (non-member) (8/2013)

ROB 550M
Great number for your 550 Robert. Open to offers, On retention and is available immediately. Bob 07976 682868. (n0n-member) (8/2013)

F355 GTB
For sale at £14,000. (trade) (7/2013)

registration number for sale, contact Stephanie on 07577 339570.(non-member) (7/2013)

Ferrari GTO. On Retention, available immediately. Offers considered, Please call 0781 790 2008 E-mail (non-member) (7/2013)

The ultimate registration for your 575 or Superamerica, now on retention. £9995 ono. Contact Andrew : 07932 629046 (7/2013)

TR 125
Suitable for 512 TR. Open to Offers. Please e-mail (non-member) (7/2013)

Suitable for F60 Enzo. For sale on retention. Price £23,500 plus vat. Contact 07966 516198. (non member) (7/2013)

F1 FS0
(looks like F1 F50). £2000 ono. Email: (non-member) (6/2013)

F 12 CYL
Perfect number for any 12-cylinder model registered after 1st August 1989. Currently on my XJ-S convertible, (also for sale), and will arrange transfer at my cost on receipt of your funds. I seek £5,000. Please contact me at or phone 01935 389140. (non-member). (6/2013)

£5500.00. Tel: 07768 885888 (non-member) (6/2013)

458 HOT
What better for Ferrari 458! £8500 Phone 07887 990500 (non-member) (6/2013)

F430 OYY
On Retention, available immediately make your F430 totally individual any questions please call me on 07989429441 Sensible offers considered. (non member) (6/2013)

Three Ferrari-Related Reg Nos
M16 TBF (M1 6TB F), M13 NSO (M1 3NSO), S7 UTR (S7U TR). Offers, please call 07778 328 348. (6/2013)

328 HOT
Open to offers. Call Steve Grove on 07753252545. (6/2013)

For Sale: registration number F348 HOT. Please let me know if you are interested at the £5k level. Many thanks, Peter 0750 495 6161.(non-member) (5/2013)

For Sale V12 OHC (over head cam). Number on retention. £4500. Immediate transfer.Private sale. Please contact David Haywood. 07747 848770 or email (5/2013)

I believe this would be of interest to 612 owners or anyone with similar level of horsepower - offers please to (non-member) (5/2013)

V111 GTB
£1750 ono Call Rob Hodgson 07525 268753 (non-member) (5/2013)

I am selling this plate, F40 ENzo Ferrari is what it could stand for possibly? I want to sell, and it is on a retention certificate ready to go. Clearing out my number collection! Advertised for £10,000 but will consider sensible genuine offers. Email (non-member) (5/2013)

I advertised this number plate a while ago for £25,000 or offers, I had somebody who was going to buy it but was unable to transfer any money !!!! so it is for sale again. I would like to sell it so any sensible offer could be accepted.It is on a retention certificate. (non-member) (5/2013)

realistic price for quick and reluctant sale required £9,000., 07708981109. (non-member) (5/2013)

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