From the Archive : The 2009 Abu Dhabi GP

Posted on November 27, 2015.

Both have moved to other pastures!
Both have moved to other pastures!

This weekend is the final Grand Prix of the 2015 season, in Abu Dhabi. The first GP there took place in 2009 and so we have gone back into the website archives to see what happened.

Whilst it was a dull race with a Red Bull one-two at the front there was some fabulous other stuff going on, as always most of it in the paddock.

Toyota and Bridgestone both announced their withdrawal, Mercedes dumped McLaren and went off to buy Brawn instead with an unlikely rumour that Schuey would drive for them, an unknown Austrian called Toto Wolff bought a share of Williams, Donington’s attempt to get the British GP finally collapsed into administration, and the Battle of the Babes seems to have been decisively won by Jessica on the basis that Nicole has disappeared…

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