Registration Marks

PLZ 550

On retention now , a fantastic registration for a Ferrari 550 – PLZ 550 – reads as “Please 550”. Offers near £1800.00. (8/22)

355 YEL

Perfect when displayed on a giallo 355 !! Owned and displayed on my 355 for 20+ yrs. On retention ready fir transfer. £4000. Neil 07957420069 (8/22)

S 206

Dino 206 S . Dateless registration S 206. For the classic Dino. Serious offers please over £30k.


Plate for sale currently held on retention. £900. Contact Christopher on (6/22)

KAB 246

Mr. or Mrs. KAB ? Lucky enough to have a Dino 246? Then this is the personal plate for you.
KAB 246. On retention certificate. Offers of around £6000 please. Contact Keith on (non-member) (6/22)

355 FER

Ultimate registration for F355, currently on my 355 GTS, but would be removed and put on retention within 7 days. Asking £18k. Contact Andrew on 07710909318 or (6/22)


Great registration for your GTC/4 Lusso, Offers invited, for sale by Club member.  Contact Greg 07769 711244

296 GUY

Great number plate for your new Ferrari 296, Perfect if you are a GUY, [ cool Dude] . 296 numbers are very rare so it will only go up in value. On retention, transfer included. Tel. Grant on 0794 1114 919 or Bank transfer please or cash on collection please £8900. (6/22)

16 FER

Great number plate for ANY Ferrari – especially a Ferrari M16. On retention, transfer included.
Tel. Grant 0794 1114 919 or Bank transfer please. £18,300 (6/22)

348 FXR

This registration is being removed from my 348tb next week and assigned to retention certificate. I am happy to work with a buyer to transfer as easily as possible them so let me know any requirements. Asking price £3,500 but any serious offer will be considered during the month of May. Please contact Greg: WhatApp / SMS – 07803 933865 or (non-member) (5/22)

599 VMM

599 VMM – Perfect for any 599 irrespective of your initials. “VMM” describes the fabulous sound of the 599’s V12. Its dateless too, and can be put on any aged car irrespective of age. On retention, transfer fee included – £2999. Perhaps the best plate for a 599? – you decide.. Please call Neill Phillips 07836220000 (5/22)

512 FM

512 FM registration plate, £4,500. (5/22)


What a great plate for any F8 owner. This number is currently on retention !! £1.900 ono. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07831 127099 or e mail (non-member) (5/22)


An excellent Ferrari plate ideal for a 599 etc. Please call Andrew on 07432 680208 (non-member) (5/22)

288 J

Offers invited for cherished registration 288 J via email please to (non-member) (4/22)


GUERNSEY registration 4881 for local residents and Ferrari enthusiasts! (non-member) (3/22)


Registration mark for sale and on retention. F4OMV call paul on 07850369125 (3/22)

308 DON

This is available should you want it. Was on one of my cars previously. £3000.00ono. (non-member) (2/22)

YYR 355

Ideal Registration Mark for “your” 355. Realistic offers invited. Call or WhatsApp Ross on 07899 271510. (2/22)


GTO Plate on Retention. Rosso GTO suitable for red 599 GTO. Call or WhatsApp Ross on 07899 271510. Realistic offers invited. (2/22)


Suit new Ferrari Roma, on retention certificate ready for immediate transfer. ROM 31T is for sale with a low reserve by Silverstone Auctions on  4th June 2022, go to    (trade) (5/22)


Perfect plate for your V8 in Tour de France Blue, for 360 onwards. Offers invited. (Member) (2/22)

RLZ 250

250 owners – registration number for 250. RLZ 250 on retention so available for immediate transfer. Offers. (2/22)


F50 BAT registration on retention for quick transfer. the ultimate registration for the Ferarri F50 BAT OUT OF HELL. open to sensible offers Tel Colin (M)07709377741. Email (non-member) (1/22)

NHU 430

NHU 430 Currently on a retention. £1800 contact (1/22)

FSL 430

Offers invited. (non-member) (1/22)

NLZ 275

Registration numberNLZ 275 available. On retention so immediate transfer. £700. (1/22)

EAZ 550

Registration number EAZ 550 available. On retention so immediate transfer. £700.   (1/22)


Offered for sale for the first time on the open market for many years. A superb plate for any GTB, !
£9000 – Alan 07712031656. (1/22)

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