The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Registration Marks

  • F12 GTX

    Ideal for the F12 Berlinetta self explanatory with the F12 being a GT vehicle. Currently on retention with all assignments fees paid. Never been on any vehicle. Looking for £1500 ono. Tel: 07809562806. (non-member) (5/20)

  • V12 YES

    The number that says it all for the discerning v12 owner. Best offer over £50,000 will secure the most distinctive of all numbers for a special Ferrari. Offers to  (5/20)

  • ENZ 505

    Simply the best Ferrari signature plate. Here is the opportunity to acquire a car registration that is exquisitely Ferrari. Enzo himself would be proud to adorn any prancing horse with this sequence of letters and numbers.
    ***** ENZ 505 ***** Phone 07817241742. £10,000.  (non-member) (4/20)

  • 458 BT

    Currently on Retention available for immediate transfer.£5000 ONO Please Text me on 07799116622 or email  (non-member) (4/20)

  • F8 TTO

    Offers considered – on retention certificate. . I have received a five figure offer from an official Ferrari dealer for this plate (and two others) towards a new car. (non-member) (4/20)

  • F488 GUD

    F488 GUD – any offer considered. Please text me on 07469179611 or email  (non-member) (3/20)

  • 575 GVO

    575 GVO Cherished registration plate, would look amazing on a 575M Maranello Or Superamerica. On retention certificate for immediate transfer. A great investment at £5000.00 (non-member) (3/20)

  • 488 SPR

    488 SPR …. enough said… the ultimate number plate for your 488 Spider , any sensible offer considered Tel 07767611936 (3/20)

  • F 6OMA

    Ferrari Roma Registration Plate. Great addition for the lucky first receivers. Privately owned – POA/offers – martin (3/20)

  • W111 GTO

    Perfect for William. Offer please. Douglas (member). (2/20)

  • 328 CBO

    Lovely registration for sale 328 CBO. On retention with the assignment fee paid. £2,495.  (2/20)

  • 348 HUW

    348 HUW reg for sale. It’s on an S-Type Jaguar, to be sold with vehicle or alone. Serious offers please.  07710883499  (non-member) (2/20)

  • FF12ARY

    Unique Ferrari Number Plate.  (non-member) (2/20)

  • NJ 458

    Currently on retention Make your 458 stand out. 07812821991 (non-member) (2/20)

  • F50 BAT

    Registration number on Retention available for immediate transfer. Totally unique plate for any F50 Ferrari. Nicknamed the Batmobile. For sale serious offers. Tel Colin (M) 07709377741 E:mail (non-member) (1/20

  • F430 FEA

    F430 FEA on retention for immediate transfer. FEArsome plate for sure! £849.00  07707567134 (non-member) (1/20)

  • F12 BJS

    F12 BJS. On retention . Offers over £650 . Contact (non-member) (1/20)

  • F430 GTC

    I have for the sale the registration plate F430 GTC available on retention certificate to be transferred straight onto your car. A really nice finishing touch to any F430 in my opinion. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07414645544. Price is £2,995 Ono.  (non-member) (1/20)

  • OOO 430F

    Perfect registration for an F430. Recently taken off my own F430 after sale. Number plate on retention and available immediately. Priced for a quick sale. £1850 (no offers). Call Aneel on 07855 840444 or on: email (12/19)

  • F355 TOH

    Nice plate, on retention. Ready for transfer £1400.00 ono (10/12)

  • SPY 16M

    This is a super registration for the Ferrari Scuderia 16M. The registration will really enhance the look of the car. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Mobile: 07587 81 81 81 (non-member)  (10/12)

  • F458 LSA

    The perfect registration for your 458, the plate will be on retention W/C 16th Dec with fees paid, open to reasonable offers.  (non-member) (12/19)

  • F12 CYA

    Ultimate number plate for your Ferrari F12 – leave the others at the lights as you drive away with F12 CYA displayed on your super car. OIRO £10000.00 – No Vat – Currently held on retention – call Mr Power on 07949 030343 or email (non-member) (12/19)

  • 355 YEL

    355YEL… if you own a yellow 355 it’s perfection! On retention and ready to display your car!
    Best offer over £3500 secures. Neil 07957420069/ (11/19)

  • GTB 488 S

    The best plate on the market for a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider. GTB 488S. Inviting serious offers. Currently on retention.  (non-member) (11/19)

  • 812 TM

    812 TM. Great number plate for your Tailor Made Ferrari 812. On retention £9970. Tel Grant on 07941114919 (11/19)

  • F12 HJS

    Excellent plate for your Berlinetta. Plate will be on retention W/C 25th November ’19 – fee will be paid by me if correct deal agreed. P.O.A – Jonathan 07860267914 (non-member) (11/19)

  • F430 BOY

    Great plate for your F430. On retention ready to transfer. £3000.00 ONO. Paul 07974595056. (11/19)

  • FER 575M

    Probably one of the best number for a 575, on retention and transfer included. £7500. Tel Grant on 07941114919 (11/19)

  • F1 GTB

    On Retention. Call for more info.  (non-member) (10/19)

  • 458 HOT

    The best plate for your 458 currently on retention. Offers invited.  (non-member) (10/10)

  • Y7 GTB

    No plate on retention. Suit any Ferrari GTB.. £1250 o.n.o. Contact Roger on 07780 827535  (10/10)

  • ROS 50

    Number Plate: “ROS 50” (ROSSO). To be auctioned on 10th October 2019 Auction. Bidding now live (lot 406) at and  Lymington Auctions Tel: (01590) 679487.  (Trade)  (10/19)

  • MN 288

    Cherished number plate ’MN 288’ on retention and ready to transfer within the Isle of Man. Registration looked great on a 308 gt4 but would be ideal for a GTO. Open to serious offers. Please contact Ben on 07768966001

  • V12 BSC

    On retention. £499.  or 07841086193 (non-member) (9/19)

  • F50 BAT

    Registration Mark F50 BAT ultimate plate for Ferrari F50 nick named Batmobile offers tel Colin 07709377741  (non- member) (9/19)

  • WOW 575

    The perfect registration for your Ferrari 575 or Ferrari Superamerica.  This number plate is held on retention. Any questions please ask.  (non-member) (9/19)

  • F8 GTC

    Registration plate F8GTC on retention. Suit either a new F8 Tributo or a GTC Lusso T. Offers in the region of £1250 invited. Email  (9/19)

  • 355 FER

    Registration for sale, currently on my 355. Valued by Regtransfers at £20k, asking £17k, including transfer costs. 355 GTS for sale also.  (8/19)

  • 458 FER

    Registration number for sale. Offers invited over £35000. Neil 07971622288 (8/19)

  • 55 O

    Registration 55 O currently on my 550 Maranello. Offers over £50000. Neil 07971622288 (8/19)

  • P14 STA

    Rare Opportunity: Cherished Registration Plate For Sale – Perfect for your new Ferrari 488 PISTA. P14 STA.
    Offers Considered. £6,500.00. Contact Roy Jones Direct – 07818 60 60 60 (8/19)

  • 288 J

    Offers invited for cherished number 288J please contact (non-member) (7/19)

  • 348 FXR

    Please contact me if you would like to buy this number plate. This is currently on my car but I will pay to assign to your or to retention document.  (non-member) (6/19)

  • SEB 5

    Sebastian Vettel’s number. £30,000. (non-member) (6/19)

  • HOT 550X

    HOT 550X. Registration plate currently on retention. Asking £3500 ono. Call Martin on 07939 686484 or email me on (non-member) (6/19)

  • HIL 458

    HIL 458 on retention certificate with fees paid. Obviously ideal for a Mr or Mrs Hill’s F458. £2450.00 Marc on 07768441038  (6/19)

  • F50 JAM

    F50 JAM – on retention – available for immediate transfer – OIRO £15,000 – please contact – or 07443 424237 (non-member) (6/19)

  • F12 RED

    Perfect plate for your F12. £9500 currently on retention. Fees paid. Contact David on 07572 525655 or (non-member) (6/19)

  • F360 DMP

    Registration number F360DMP for sale. On retention certificate so available immediately. Reasonable offers to (5/19)

  • 400 VJ

    Private plate on retention. £4750ono. Contact me on (5/19)

  • J 488 FER

    Plate on retention.  £4,888 (non-member) (5/19)

  • HIL 458

    HIL 458 registration number on retention with all fees paid. £2850 Contact Marc on (5/19)

  • X40 FER

    A must have on any Ferrari : contact Philip via and make me any reasonable offer. (5/19)

  • F40 FER

    The Ultimate Ferrari F40 registration – P.O.A  (non-member) (5/19)