The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Registration Marks

  • 612 HLD

    612 HLD registration mark on retention certificate. £1,300. Email  07771 525304  (non-member) (3/21)

  • FF 777

    Maybe one of your members would be interested in my registration FF 777 that I have owned for 30 years on my Jensen FF. I will sell the Jensen this year with or without the registration. All offers considered. Any Ferrari FF owner would appreciate as I have on my Jensen.  (non-member) (3/21)

  • BE57 GTC

    A must have registration BEST GTC £4,000 Ono. Robert on 07768533548 or for nearest offer. (non-member) (3/21)

  • 365 GTA

    365 GTA on  retention.  (non-member) (3/21)

  • F8 KOF

    F8 KOF on retention certificate £3500 contact (non-member) (3/21)

  • NNF 430

    Registration for sale, currently on vehicle but will be ready for transfer shortly .I do have a figure in mind but I’m putting it out for offers on the price.  (non-member) (3/21)

  • 612 TOY

    Perfect for Scaglietti. On retention, ready to assign. Sensible offers please. 07880745480 Mike (non-member) (3/21)

  • F430 TOY

    Fantastic registration for any model Ferrari 430. Currently on retention can be supplied on retention or transferred to vehicle.  If you have any questions please call me on 07587 818181. (non-member) (3/21)

  • E5 GTO

    E5 GTO on retention cert. Reasonable offers considered.  (non-member) (2/21)

  • F12 GTM

    On Retention. GBP 1,680.00 Contact: (non-member) (2/21)

  • 612 RED

    612 RED registration mark on retention certificate. £5750 or best offer. email  (2/21)

  • SFE 275

    Scuderia Ferrari 275 registration for sale. Ideal for a lightweight 275 GTB. Serious offers 07800649800 (non-member) (2/21)

  • F8 TRT

    Presently assigned to a vehicle, but ready to transfer to new owner for the right price. Needless to say, the perfect fit for an F8 Tributo. Feel free to give me a shout on or 07971 560 159. (non-member) (2/21)

  • 488 SPR

    The ultimate number plate for your 488 Spider. All sensible offers considered. Tel/text Garry 07767 611936, (1/21)

  • 599 H

    Best offers invited for this plate, possibly best suited on a 599 HGTE. Email Lloyd at:  (non-member) (1/21)

  • 355 YEL

    355YEL Unique and displayed on my Ferrari 355 for many years. On retention and ready to display yours!!
    Bargain £3500 secures. Neil 07957420069 (1/21)

  • YEL 458S

    Registration on retention certificate, ready to be transferred to your yellow 458 Spider or Speciale. Looking for just £800 please.  (12/20)

  • F488 WOW

    On Retention in my name, Easy transfer £7,500 Tel 07852909471.(non-member) (12/20)

  • F12 SCU

    Perfect F12 private plate £2000.  (non-member) (11/20)

  • FV12 GTB

    A unique plate for a 599 or V12 Ferrari. Offers around £4000 to 07432 680208. (non-member) (11/20)

  • FV12 GTO

    Perfect for a 599 GTO or any future Ferrari V12 GTO . £7995 ono 07432 680208 (non-member) (11/20)

  • A488 GTS

    £7750.  07774478893 (11/20)

  • F50 BAT

    The ultimate registration mark for the Ferrari F50 Nicknamed the Batmobile. F50 BAT on retension awaiting transfer. serious offers. Email. Tel. Colin 07709377741. (non-member) (11/20)

  • 575 GVO

    575 GVO Cherished registration plate, would look amazing on a 575M Maranello Or Superamerica. On retention certificate for immediate transfer. A great investment at £5000.00 (non-member) (11/20)

  • WOW 575

    Registration No: WOW 575. Just perfect for your Ferrari 575. Asking price: £3750 – on Retention. Contact: 028400  (11/20)


    Only £1000 needed to secure this eye catching plate (retention fee paid) for any post 2000 year Ferrari.
    Douglas (member) (10/20)

  • F348 SDR

    Recently parted with my Ferrari 348 Spider – abroad, hence being left with F348 SDR for sale. On retention, so immediately transferable, all sensible offers considered. Please email: (non-member) (10/20)

  • T 488 GTB

    Currently held on Retention Certificate and available for immediate transfer. Text Paul on 07809249007 or email: FOC Member – all sensible offers considered.  (10/20)

  • RED 599F

    RED599F Still on my 599 offers above £5995. FOC member, e-mail me at (9/20)

  • BR10 FER

    BR10 means the same in Italian and English ie “Lively, vivacious and attractive” £2000 ono. (9/20)