The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Enzo Tops Sotheby’s Auction


Report and pictures by Keith Bluemel


RM Sotheby’s annual London auction took place on the evening of 05 September, at its regular venue of Battersea Evoution in Battersea Park on the south bank of the River Thames. The ambience was very “Swinging Sixties” with the bar staff all dressed in lurid “psychedelic pattern” attire, no doubt a reference to two of the star cars on offer, the Aston Martin DB4 GT, which featured in the Peter Sellers film “The Long Arm of the Law”, and the ex-Rod Stewart Lamborghini Miura P400 S, although neither of these reached their reserve prices. It seems that star names weren’t attracting the bidders, as neither an ex-Chris Barber Aston Martin DB2/4 nor an ex-Jim Clark Lotus Elite Super 95 found new homes.

The range of vehicles on offer was very eclectic, with a number of micro cars and other unusual vehicles from “The Weird & Wonderful Collection”, through a magnificent 1931 Cadillac V16 Sport Phaeton by Fleetwood, resplendent in pale green over silver with plenty of chrome, to a pair of 2017 Ferrari 70th Anniversary edition models, a 488 GTB and a F12 Berlinetta. All the vehicles in “The Weird & Wonderful Collection” sold, as did the Cadillac, which achieved a within estimate £522,500, but neither of the Ferraris made the cut. Within the other offerings there were also a number of ‘60s and ‘70s Maserati models from a single private collection, all of which sold either at or after the auction.

It is only fair to say that the overall sell-through rate was quite low, just a little over 50% on the night, which must have been disappointing, but the overall figure for cars sold reached £9.4 million including buyer’s premium, and this figure excludes post auction sales. A number of the cars, including a number of the Ferraris on offer, came close to their estimates, but obviously not quite close enough to clinch a deal.

However it was a pair of Ferraris that were the big numbers of the night, at different ends of the age spectrum. The top figure went to a 2002 Ferrari Enzo, which achieved £1,973,750, followed by a 1952 212 Europa model, which broke the million pound mark, selling for £1,017,500, next up was a 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 model, which made just under the magic million, selling for £933,125.

The 2019 edition will be held at the same venue, but will move to 05 November, as the early September date is within a crowded period on the event calendar.


Ferrari Entry

Lot #   Model                                     Chassis #      Colour                        Sale Price

103     275 Series Tool Kit              N/A                 N/A                               £19,200

104     641 F1 Steering Wheel       N/A                 Black                              £4,200

105     F2003-GA Cylinder Head   N/A                 N/A                              £19,200

106     F40 Wireframe Sculpture   N/A                Yellow                         £19,200

108     2 GTO Registration #          N/A                 N/A                             Still for Sale

132     250 GTE                                4323 GT         Blue                              Still for Sale

133     Dino 246 GT                          01136             Red                              £172,500

136     550 Barchetta                       124422           White                           Still for Sale

152     512 BB                                   29943             Blue Met’                     £250,000

156     Enzo                                       134951           Red                               £1,973,750

159     212 Europa PF Coupé        0279 EU        Pale Blue-White         £1,017,500

163     F12 70th Anniversary           227624        Green Met’                 Still for Sale

168     488 GTB 70th Anni             232128         Light Blue                   Still for sale

169     275 GTB (Alloy)                   08199            Dark Blue Met’          Still for Sale

176     365 GTC4                              16153              Red                              £184,000

180     365 GTB4 (Plexi)                 13435             Blue Met’                   Still for Sale

198     599 GTO                                181050           Red Met’                    Still for Sale

199     365 GTB4                              14333             Red                             Still for Sale