Through the lens – Ferrari Club Competizione: Anglesey

Posted on July 29, 2022.

Three seasons in a day seems to be the running theme for the Club this year, and Anglesey proved no exception.

The Saturday saw wet weather with the Pista Day enduring rain and 30mph winds for most of the day, rising to a blustery 45mph overnight. Despite the damp conditions members would take their Ferraris on track with many enjoying driver coaching.

The Hot Lap Challenge saw racers from the Pirelli Ferrari Hillclimb Championship lay down the gauntlet for one another, with first place going the way of Dave Snelson, followed by Brian Jackson and then John Kennedy.

The circuit also played host to the Pirelli Ferrari formula classic, the first time Ferraris have raced on the track, with the support of two other series. All competition results and times are available online courtesy of TSL.

Off the track members prepared themselves in Beaumaris for the Pirelli Tour of Anglesey – some light reading in the form of the road book detailing the route, checkpoints and more. These members would first meet at Anglesey Circuit for a parade, before setting off on their navigational rally.

A selection of photos from across the event are available on Flickr. The PFfc race report will be available online soon whilst the full event report and more will feature in the next issue of the Club magazine, Ferrari.

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