Ferrari Hot Lap Challenge: What is it?

Posted on May 17, 2022.

Taking place at Anglesey this July, the Hot Lap Challenge is the perfect introduction to competition with your road legal Ferrari – just a small step on from a track day.

Competitors will have three 15′ sessions to learn the circuit and set a “seed time” – this is used to set the order in which competitors will set their “Hot Lap” in the final session of the day. Then the only lap that counts, the Shootout against the clock.

Competitors will have the entire track to themselves for a single flying-lap, to set their “Hot Lap” time. Released from slowest to fastest – based on seed times – each racer will throw down the gauntlet for those that follow, with the lap times probably tumbling each time.

The fastest times will come at the end of the day meaning the title of Hot Lap Challenge victor is to play for right up to the final attempt.

Cars will be grouped based on tipo to ensure fair sport for all entrants.

Speak to the team at Cavallino House on 01327 855430 to learn more.

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