Hapless Footballers : Part 27

Posted on September 30, 2015.

caceres2We don’t normally post items about crashed Ferraris but when it involves overpaid and underskilled footballers we will generally make an exception…

Italian club Juventus have suspended Uruguayan defender Martín Cáceras after he crashed his Ferrari into a bus shelter in Turin and failed a breath test, the Italian champions announced on Tuesday.

The incident happened on Monday night when Cáceras reportedly drove down a one-way street, lost control of his red Ferrari 458, drove into a bus shelter and crashed into two parked cars.

According to Gazetta dello Sport and La Stampa newspapers, he failed a breath test after police arrived on the scene.

“Martín Cáceres’ behaviour on the night of 28th to 29th September is a serious violation of his duty to the club, as well as damaging the club’s image,” Juventus said in a statement announcing the suspension.

Cáceras would be “temporarily excluded from the first team”, the statement added.

“Martín has the total backing of all the squad,” said club captain Buffon. “He’s a guy who has always given his best and he is loyal. He knows he’s made a mistake.”

“Obviously it was bad timing, coming two nights before a big game, but he’s understood and he’s sorry. Hopefully a win will help us all forget what’s happened.”

Cáceres’ future at the club may now hang in the balance as it is not the first time he has been involved in a car crash while playing for the club.

He crashed a Porsche SUV in 2013, suffering head injuries, although on that occasion reports said he had been hit from behind by another car that had run a red light.

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