The Ferrari Owners’ Club
of Great Britain

Our Club’s New Website is Launched


Welcome to the new website of the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain! It has been quite a few months in the making but we hope it will all have been worthwhile. The main categories have remained broadly the same as before – they have stood the test of time – but there are numerous new features including a Club Shop within the Members Only section for easy purchase of event tickets, new graphics, enhanced suitability for hand-held devices, and much easier functionality . Although we have tested the website for several weeks now there will inevitably be a few glitches and if you come across any please let us know. And we’d also like to know your opinions about the website, and whether there are any further features you would like to see. In the meantime our thanks go to Tim at Technique Web in Banbury who has spent many a late night in getting it all going!