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Study Shows: Ferrari Makes 69 000 Euro Profit per Car


Big cars = big profits – this slogan of the car industry is no longer absolutely valid today, as a study by the Duisburg economics professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer has shown. In the first half of the year, Ferrari made  69 000 euro operating profit per car sold. Jaguar-Landrover, on the other hand, only made 800 euro, Tesla and Bentley even lost money on every car, as Dudenhöffer’s study shows.

Mercedes, BMW and Audi at their average prices between 33 000 and 38 000 euros per car made 3000 euros profit before interest and taxes. According to the study, Volvo is somewhat behind. Tesla achieves 11 000 euro loss with every e-car sold.

According to the study, Porsche is twice as profitable as Mercedes, Audi and BMW and thus “in another league”: per vehicle the Zuffenhausener SUV and sport car maker 91 000 euro turnover and almost 17000 euro profit. The average Maserati is a little cheaper, but does not even bring 5000 euro operating profit. By far, however, Ferrari is the best. Thanks to the sponsorship business around Formula 1, the Italians will take 280 000 euros with every Ferrari sold and make 69 000 euro operating profit.

Deep red figures are generated by Bentley with its luxury cars: 165 000 Euro turnover and 17 000 euro loss per vehicle, calculated Dudenhöffer. A company spokesman said Bentley is investing vigorously in electrification. Rolls Royce and Lamborghini did not reveal any unit profitability figures.


Source: dpa-AFX